Simple and Effective Home Upgrades

We have compiled a list of simple things you can do to spruce up your beautiful home.

Posted on October 24, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Give your room a new coat of paint, completely chnage the feeling of the room by changing the colour, add accents through curtains or throw pillows.

Paint a room

Giving a room a new paint job can make you feel like you have a completely new room. Paint the wall, ceiling, window frames and the skirting boards. To really make the room feel brand new hang curtains or accent a sofa or chair with throw pillows.

Re-hook your curtains in a different way to give a different feeling to the room.

Change up your curtains

Change the way your curtains open to give a new feeling in the room. If your curtains are hooked and open separately, cris-cross the two hooks closest to the other curtain. When you open the curtains they will be draped open similar to the image above. This is especially good when you only need a limited amount of light or warmth coming into the room, or if you just feel a like a change at your windows.

Update your door knobs or cupboard handles to give a fresh feel in that room.

Update handles

Update your old cupboard handles or door knobs with more modern fixtures can vastly improve the age of the cupboards. If you feel daring why not spray paint the old handles to give the impression they are new.

Put more shelving in your home to give you more floor space.

Place shelving in under utilised areas

Put a shelf above the door frames or window frames. This eliminates wasted space on the floor and is ideal for small rooms. Utilising the wall space in general is very helpful, you free up so much floor space as well as giving your guest a feature to discuss.

Change your light fixtures to give a new feeling to a room.

Update light fixtures and light switches

Replacing an old ceiling light with a more modern or decorative light fixture can really change the feeling of the room. Spray painting the light switch cover to fit in to the environment or even to stand out can also make a huge impact to the aesthetics of the room.

Change Pillow cases to give a new feeling to a room.

Change throw pillow cases

Grown tired of your throw pillows or have they seen better days. Change the cases to a different pattern, colour or style to give a different feeling to the room. If you have a neutral room to begin with, the throw pillows will become the feature, making it more personal and less bland.

Add some personal flare to your home environment.

Put more personal things on display

If you have children, display their latest project in a beautiful frame and display it for everyone to see. Or if you are into crafts and DIY projects put a project you created. Make your house a home by displaying your personal items.

Put some rugs down to personalise a space better and to give the room an accent if the room is of a neutral pallet.

Put some rugs down

Update a common room by adding a rug. Adding the rug will give a new dynamic to the room, by hiding tiles, wood or carpet. When you grow tired of the pattern, colour or seasons have changed, you can remove it to show the original flooring without going through a lengthy, expensive process to update the flooring.

Move a room around to ensure you clean the build up of dust as well as just giving a new feeling in the room.

Move a room around

Change up the every day by moving the room around, when moving furniture you discover items thought to be lost or the dust that evaded you when cleaning. Moving the room around keeps the room from becoming too dusty and it also gives a fresh feeling to the room, like when you first moved in.