Renovation Portal

Renovation portal is an online business directory, it provides a platform for companies to create an online presence within the building and renovation industry in South Africa. Our aim is to help consumers find and source various suppliers and service providers within the industry.

It focuses on advertising industry specific companies by either further promoting an existing website, social media, or to introduce and maintain an online presence. It is designed so businesses can make changes and updates anytime without spending excessive time and money on print or other media. The listing is designed around the company, the company puts the information they feel necessary, each listing is completely unique.

Renovation Portal will always be adapting itself to suit the companies as well as keeping up with the constant changes online. This is to ensure that it keeps rankings and promotes the companies listed on the portal.


What if my company offers multiple services?

Many companies can offer a range of services, for maximum exposure those services will be listed under each category that fits the service described.

What happens when changes or updates are required?

Renovation portal is designed for the companies that want to advertise themselves as much as possible. Advertising a new position at your company, or even just have news you wish to share? Renovation Portal is there to advertise it for you. Renovation Portal also advertises any specials or deals your company is offering.
Any changes or updates received via email will be implemented immediately at no extra cost.

I have no website?

When joining the portal you get your own space in the categories that best fit your company. With that you get to put your company logo, a description, the working hours, contact details and preferred audience (e.g. only corporates or only residential or even all). The listed company gets to decide what information they show the visitors. If you do not have a website we can offer a single web page linking from your listing giving the visitor more information about your company.